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20 February 2020One Hundred Years of Deception. Hoaxes and Swindles in the 18th Century
16 January 2020Salvador Dali - Draughtsman and Designer
19 December 2019A Very British Artform - The Story of Pantomime - MEMBER'S CHRISTMAS LUNCH
21 November 2019How the Advertising Industry Exploited Fine Arts
17 October 2019Last Supper in Pompei
19 September 2019A Tour of Big Ben
18 July 2019The Bayeux Tapestry, the World's Oldest Comic Strip
20 June 2019The Most Infamous Family in History - The Borgias - MEMBERS SUMMER LUNCH
16 May 2019Cathedrals, Safe Places to do Risky Things
18 April 2019Titian - the First Modern Artist. AGM 10.30 am
21 March 2019Powder and Poison, Cosmetics, Beauty and the Art of Portraiture
21 February 2019Three Great Families and their Gardens - The Rothschilds, Sackville-Wests and Astors
17 January 2019Collecting and Collectors The Antiques Road Show
20 December 2018Pretty, Witty Nell Gwynn & Her Rivals, A Christmas Entertainment
15 November 2018The Hanseatic League - a Medieval Union
18 October 2018Picasso and Matisse The Best of Friendly Rivals
20 September 2018Opera: the Melting Pot of Culture
19 July 2018Mughals and Rajputs, Courts and Palaces of India
21 June 2018Abyssinia - 3000 years of Ethiopian Art and History
17 May 2018Lawrence of Arabia
19 April 2018The Scottish Colourists
15 March 2018Hedonistic Paris - Life, Art and Culture during the Jazz Age 1920's - 1930's
15 February 2018Votes for Women! Art, Suffragettes and Female Politicians
18 January 2018Applied Arts in the Theatre (Magic Flute)
21 December 2017Chatsworth: The Devonshire Collection 1549 to the present
16 November 2017The Two Gustavs, Mahler & Klimt
19 October 2017Vuillard and Bonnard
21 September 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
20 July 2017Giles the cartoonist: 'Bringing Grandma to Tea'
15 June 2017Shakers of North America
18 May 2017The Honourable East India Company & East/West trade, chintz, Chinese export & chinoiserie 1600 - 1800
20 April 2017Undressing Antiques
16 March 2017Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor
16 February 2017George III Subject of and Patron of the Arts
19 January 2017Drink thy wine with a Merry Heart
15 December 2016Art of Light, Stained Glass in London
17 November 201640 Shades of Green!! The Gardens of Ireland.
20 October 2016Mille Miglia cars and culture
15 September 2016Can Art Change the World?
21 July 2016From Magic Lanterns to MGM
16 June 2016Women Artists & Impressionism
19 May 2016Treasures of the Black Tent
21 April 2016The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Fabergé, before the revolution
17 March 2016Cubism and its Legacies
18 February 2016A Passion for Piers or British Seaside holidays
21 January 2016Pots and Frocks - the World of Grayson Perry
17 December 2015Magi to Medici
19 November 2015Gone in a flash
15 October 2015The conservation of paintings, polychrome sculpture and frames
17 September 2015Celebration in Ancient Egyptian Art
16 July 2015The Current restoration of Canterbury Cathedral
18 June 2015Punch & Judy
21 May 2015Nicholas Hilliard & the art of miniature
16 April 2015William Kent and his portraits of the servants at Kensington Palace
19 March 2015Travels in Rajasthan with Rudyard Kipling: Palaces and Temples, Monuments and Forts in the Land of Kings
19 February 2015Sir William Orpen (1878 -1931)
15 January 2015The Frome Hoard
18 December 2014The history of toys, rag dolls to robots
20 November 2014The role of the Royal Mistresses
16 October 2014John Opie, the Cornish Wonder
18 September 2014Signs & Symbols -the hidden message in paintings
17 July 2014The art, architecture and dissolution of the monasteries
16 May 2014# Walton-on-the-Hill DFAS # 40th ANNIVERSARY Champagne Tea Party Venue: Kingswood Golf Club, Sandy Lane, Kingswood 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Tickets: £ 12.50 pp
15 May 2014MARIANNE NORTH - artist and traveller
17 April 2014RENE LALIQUE: Master Jeweller, Master Glassmaker 1876 -1945
20 February 2014VERMEER'S SHADOW - Hans Van Meegeren
19 December 2013BANQUETING HOUSES & THE BANQUET 1550 - 1700
21 November 2013WORLD FAIRS 1851 - 1900
17 October 2013LORD LEIGHTON
19 September 2013SIMON DE MONTFORT - at home and at war
20 June 2013Sex, scandal and censorship in the visual arts.
16 May 2013With just a needle and thread
18 April 2013'Are you sitting comfortably?' - the history of the chair from ancient to modern times
21 March 2013The Art of Advertising
21 February 2013A View from the Plinth: A Review of Public Sculpture Today
17 January 2013Wren's Churches
20 December 2012Mrs Beeton's Christmas.
15 November 2012Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
20 September 2012The History of the Theatre
19 July 2012Victoria's Secrets: Exploring Victorian London
21 June 2012Music on the Grand Tour
17 May 2012Power, Propaganda and Men in Tights: English Art under the Tudors
19 April 2012The Second Elizabethan Age: British Art since 1952
15 March 2012The Black Death: a turning point in the arts?
16 February 2012The Original Olympic Games
19 January 2012Britain with Betjeman
15 December 2011A History of Christmas Shopping
17 November 2011World War I: the Artist as Reporter
20 October 2011Mozart's 'Magic Flute': More than Meets the Eye
15 September 2011The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
21 July 2011The Life and Times of the Sundial
16 June 2011New York, New York: an Architectural Study
19 May 2011'The Master' Noel Coward as writer, actor and painte
21 April 2011Graham Sutherland and John Piper
17 March 2011England Brick by Brick
17 February 2011The Wilton Diptych Enigma
20 January 2011Mary Magdalene through the Centuries
16 December 2010Jennie Churchill: Winston's American Mother: Style Icon or Ambitious Seductress
18 November 2010Songlines: Aboriginal Art from the Australian Desert
21 October 2010Pompeii and Herculaneum
16 September 2010The Great 12: The History of Livery Companies
15 July 2010Sheer folly - History of Garden Follies

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One Hundred Years of Deception. Hoaxes and Swindles in the 18th Century Ian Keable Thursday 20 February 2020

The 1700s was a period where the people of England seemed to be especially gullible.  They believed a woman could give birth to rabbits; that a man could climb inside a wine bottle and sing and dance inside it; and a balloonist could fly in a Chinese Temple.  These, and other hoaxes - which involved the likes of Jonathan Swift, Samuel Johnson and the politician Charles James Fox - were written about in newspapers and journals and brilliantly and amusingly depicted by satirical artists such as William Hogarth and James Gillray.  In this entertaining talk Ian relates and illustrates sundry hoaxes and deliberate deceptions; all of which are memorable not only for the imaginative nature of the swindles, but also because of the differing motives of the tricksters.

Ian gained a First Class degree from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then became a professional magician. A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. He is currently performing a show about Charles Dickens, who was an amateur conjurer, called The Secret World of Charles Dickens. In 2014 published Charles Dickens Magician: Conjuring in Life, Letters & Literature. Recently he presented a paper Hogarth, Gillray & Cruikshank and the Bottle Conjurer Hoax at a conference at the University of Brighton.